• No causing of any kind.
  • Do not edit or write about drugs.
  • Dont edit war let the admins know.
  • Don't vandlize pages.
  • Do not edit this page.
  • Don't use other peoples pics or pages without permission.
  • Don't make major edits to real or other peoples pages.
  • If there is a problem let the admins know but if it's major let Aus10s know on his talk page.
  • Try not to leave mean or bad comments.
  • Dont send or leave chain mail its really anoying.


  • All of the above
  • Just because your an admin that doesn't mean your better than anyone else.
  • If someone continously let Aus10s on his talk page know I will handle it.
  • Dont edit the skin without my permission.
  • Dont block anyone if they need let me know and i will.


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